Production process and teaching purpose of the hot

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Production process and teaching purpose of high and medium frequency induction heating electronic equipment

I. electronic components to be used for screening and measurement

in this section, you can put them on one side until other machines and tools are completely cleared. The focus is to help students compare the graphic symbols of material lines with large electronic elongation with the real objects one by one, "Bayer" automobile adopts PC materials to replace glass to make rear-view mirrors. Learn to identify the polarity of components and polar components, and master the methods and skills of measuring electronic components

II. Inserting and welding electronic components

in this link, focus on helping students improve soldering skills and master reasonable welding methods, temperatures and speeds

III. measuring and adjusting circuit boards

in this link, it mainly helps students improve their ability to analyze circuit principles, judge faults, and repair methods and skills

IV. production of accessories and assembly lines

in this link, students' hands-on ability is emphasized. Students can not only learn the production of accessories such as inductive coils, transformers and plug-in wiring, but also learn some basic fitter skills

v. complete machine assembly

in this link, cultivate and refine students' observation ability, independent operation ability, and overall planning ability

VI. whole machine adjustment and aging test

in this link, on the one hand, let students understand and master the working principle of the whole machine and cultivate students' hearts. Let students not 5. When the number of reciprocations reaches the preset value, but they will manufacture electronic products, but also be able to use and apply their own products

on the other hand, let students fully recognize the training of the school and their professional knowledge and efforts while feeling and experiencing the fruits of their labor

VII. Packaging and warehousing of finished products

in this link, cultivate students' orderliness, and let students know that every work should have a beginning and an end. Summarize the experience and lessons in the internship process, find out their own shortcomings and gaps, set goals for future study and work, and increase motivation. (end)

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